By Felicity Lerato Molokomme,  20 December 2019, Thursday

I don’t know about you but I’m a sucker for stationary and a definite fav’ buy for the new year is from Typo!!! Besides being besotted with the colour, this Gratitude Journal has given me such Joy. I know I was supposed to wait for 2019 but I was feeling reflective of the strides made in my 10 years in the Interior Design industry(yes! I graduated in 2008…eeeek!) and the incredible journey of being an entrepreneur since 2015. I just had to started my Gratitude journaling this week…I’m happy you know! God has been and still remains so good!!! Have worked on the most amazing projects this year and have had the best clients.


Was it all sunshine and rainbows??? Nope, of course not but what a joy to end the year feeling so excited about continuing to do more great work early next year!!! In my past 3 years of being an entrepreneur I’ve had some mad gains and some major losses but those were stepping stones to the next level. 2018 has also had some hard lessons that have been painful too, taking stock and choosing Gratitude because nothing beats experience. LuvLee Concepts is definitely in a better place than last year…simply put 2017 showed us flames!!! When you fall, the only thing to do is stand up and start again. 🥂🍾 Here’s to doing better in 2019!!!!